RFID Blocking-Travel Wallet Money Belt

RFID Blocking-Travel Wallet Money Belt

Rhino Outlet

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Designed By and Available Only through Rhino Outlet - A USA Company & Brand

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RFID Blocking Travel Passport Holder Wallet Money Belt, EDC Waist Stadium Bag FOR Cruise, Travel, Theme Park, Festival, Outdoor, Sport Event

RFID Blocking to protect your credit card from digital theft. Designed and made in Tennessee, USA, by business and missions traveler. 

FULL EXTENDED GUARANTEE - Full replacement should your money belt be lost or stolen or damaged apart from normal use (you simply pay shipping/handling).

HOW TO WEARWear around the waist hidden beneath clothing or wear over clothing at the waist or around the torso. You can use pant belt loops to further secure.

MEASUREMENTS:  11 inches by 5 inches   


SECONDARY COLOR: Black zippers, belt and buckle

STYLE: Lightweight, thin, tailored

PERFECT FOR SO MANY THINGS YOU DO AND PLACES YOU GO- Cruise ship excursions, casino outings, festivals and fairs, sport stadiums, concerts, the gym, hiking, jogging, dirt bike riding, walking the dog, school field trips, school band travel competitions, event crew work assignments.


(1) Made of rugged, yet supple (no crinkle sounds) 210D Ripstop fabric which is tear proof and water resistant. 

(2) You will love the dri-comfort mesh backing which wicks away moisture. 

(3) Two zippered compartments with one having added mesh compartments to organize small items. Plus a secret compartment near mesh fabric.

(4) We use strong woven fabric zipper pulls and self-healing zippers.  Never worry about a zipper breaking.  


- Digital pickpockets can not read your credit card, passport, drivers license, hotel key, when they are inside the money belt.  

- The aluminum metal fabric does not demagnetize cards, plus it will not interfere with cell phone signals when phone is  inside the money belt.

- Blocking the radio signals that your credit cards and passports emit requires that RFID fabric completely encase these items. Other brands use only one RFID panel which won't block the RF signals. Rhino Outlet uses two RFID panels - front and back - effectively blocking all RFID signals from anything inside the money belt.


- Rugged, 210D Ripstop nylon fabric won’t rip or tear even if snagged or cut.  

- This 210D Ripstop nylon fabric is water-resistant. (Not waterproof)

- A layer of Kevlar is sewn into the lining for added durability and security. (Kevlar is fire resistant and bullet proof material that resists cutting).

- If you plan to use the Rhino Outlet money belt on or near water, it is recommended to first place items inside a waterproof or Ziploc plastic bag(s) and then put waterproof plastic bag(s) into Rhino Outlet money belt.


- Most belts with other brands are too thin, too short, or made of a material that rapidly loses elasticity like rubber bands that break when stretched.

- Our belt is a full inch wide, comfortably fits a 28-inch to 66-inch waist and it is made of strong elastic mesh for long term wear.  

- Our customers tell us the belt design is super comfortable and does not dig into their skin


- Rhino Outlet surveyed and interviewed travelers during our product research phase and learned that many brands produced a buckle that was easily opened with one finger or accidentally opened when an elbow or arm brushed up against it.

- Rhino Outlet DECIDED TO USE AN INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH, locking two-finger release buckle with the belt.  Our carefully designed belt latching system protects you from accidental release and makes it difficult for a thief to open.