About Us


Rhino Outlet wants to put delight in your travel adventures. When you use a Rhino Outlet travel accessory your travel experience will be more delightful than if you had purchased any other brand.

Rhino Outlet was co-founded by husband-and-wife team, Mari Yadro and Gary Aydelott from Middle Tennessee.  They have invested countless hours of research and testing in the design and making of their travel accessory line. You deserve the best value for your money, and this dynamic couple has made extensive efforts to ensure that the materials used and the construction process are of the highest quality.

Here at Rhino Outlet, we are big on quality, big on delivery, and big on rhinos! Rhino poaching is absolutely horrible and we are proud supporters of the IRF and their work to stop poaching and save the rhinoceros from extinction. When you purchase Rhino Outlet products, you are making a positive impact in the world and saving rhinos!


Our products are RFID blocking and protect you from identity theft. Today, digital thieves or pickpockets (“skimmers”) are able to easily obtain devices that will copy the information stored on magnetic stripes and chips from a distance of up to five feet.  Larger expensive scanners can copy cards from a broader distance of up to 3 miles. Bank cards, ID cards, gift cards, passports and hotel room keys are ALL vulnerable.

Rhino Outlet travel bags and accessories are lined with metallic fabric or coating to block radio frequency waves emitted from such electronic devices. Information is secure and your identity is safe whether you are at home or abroad.

Rhino Outlet offers other gear and gadgets for travel, sports, outdoors, as well as home and garden.