My husband said he felt more secure with his debit card protected just going to a neighborhood restaurant and grocery store. Hey, these days you can't be too careful and because both my husband's and my debit cards have been used for fraudulent activity in the past, these little card sleeves are godsends. Amazing how something so little can give you so much security.

Jeannine P.

Thank you very much for an awesome product! I was so happy when some young girls on the subway in Rome tried to pickpocket me but my money and credit cards were safely hidden behind my pants in your travel wallet. Thank you again -- it was great at protecting me during at least two pick pocket attempts.

Steven E.

Very comfortable to wear, with plenty of places for cards, cash and passport. The clear window on the front for an ID card is a good feature. Also, because the straps are fixed to the wallet it doesn't slide around as you move like the ones on a cord.


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