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RFID Blocking - Security Safety Neck Pouch (Cross-Body)

Rhino Outlet

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Designed By and Available Only through Rhino Outlet -   A USA Company and Brand
  • Measures 8 inches by 5.5 inches

  • Available Fabric Colors:  Black or Gray

  • Lanyard, Zippers and Zipper Pull Tabs Color:  Black

  • The term "Full Size" used in compartment descriptions means the full-size of the bag, being approximately 8 in by 5.5 in.

  • Wear and use three ways. (1) wear as a cross-body bag using lanyard as a shoulder strap, (2) wear as a neck pouch using lanyard as strap positioned behind neck, or (3) wear as a hip-level side pouch using the belt loops to attach the pouch to a belt. 

  • Lanyard and belt loops are sewn into the Kevlar layer which means they are securely fastened. When worn with belt loops attached to a belt, the pouch can handle heavier weighted objects. Normal use with lanyard is not intended to exceed small every day carry items including cell phone.

  • No-choke Break-away Safety Lanyard protects you from neck injury and eliminates the risk of strangulation.  Placing an unbreakable strap around your neck is a major safety hazard especially when that strap is attached to something of value. We added two break-away buckles which release with a sturdy tug or when the strap is not in use but hold tight for normal wear.

  • Made of high thread count 210D Rip-Stop nylon fabric which is  tear resistant even when cut or snagged and is also water resistant.  The fabric is not fully waterproof; so if pouch use will be near or on water, we recommend placing items in a waterproof or Ziploc bag before putting them into the Rhino Outlet Safety Neck Pouch.

  • High quality RFID blocking metal fabric on both front and back panels protects your credit cards and passport from digital identity theft. This fabric will not demagnetize your cards or chips, nor will it interfere with cell phone signals when cell phone is placed inside pouch. 

  • Blocking the radio signals emitted by your credit cards and passports requires that RFID blocking fabric completely encase these items. Many pouches by other brands have one RFID panel which won't fully block RF signals. Rhino Outlet uses two RFID panels - front and back - effectively blocking all RFID signals from anything inside your pouch.

  •  A layer of Kevlar is sewn into the lining for added durability and security. (Kevlar is a fire resistant and bullet proof material that resists cutting).Our one layer of Kevlar will insure that your Safety Neck Pouch will last for years and your important documents won’t go up in flames at the first spark.

  • There are four zippered compartments for secure organized storage. 

  • There are three large full-size compartments which can easily accommodate a cell phone measuring up to 7.25 inches by 4.5 inches. 

  • This pouch has: (1) full-size main compartment with Velcro closure, (2) credit card slots behind Velcro flap, (3) zippered ID viewer, (4) zippered coin compartment, (5) zippered side compartment, (6) front fabric loop holder for eye glasses or pen, (7) backside zippered full-size compartment (8) backside open-top full-size compartment.

  • Self-healing zippers mean you never have to deal with broken zippers. 

  • Woven fabric pull tabs on the zippers ensure ease of use. 

  • Soft moisture wicking fabric on back of pouch provides comfort.

  • Full extended guarantee includes full replacement even if lost or stolen, or damaged apart from results of normal use (you simply pay shipping/handling fees).

  • When necessary, we recommend cleaning Ripstop fabric with microfiber towels or cloths that clean without the use of chemicals.