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Hero Soap Single Bar

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To order single bars ($8 each)  of Hero Soap and save 10% using the special Rhino Outlet Customer link then CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Each 5 ounce handmade bar of soap retails for $8, and lasts an average of 30 days and is blended with a mix of the best essential oils, real goats milk, saponified oils of Safflower, Palm & Coconut and natural colorants such as clays and plant derived colorants. A nice lather and no residue rinse. Weather Resistant Packaging. Each bar of soap comes in a water and dust proof resealable bag. Peppermint Cool Soap contains menthol so avoid contact with eyes/face; plus although Peppermint Cool is refreshing for men, some women find the menthol irritating to sensitive physical areas.

Hero soap is made in the USA by an American company which was co-founded by a veteran. A portion of sales is donated back to charities that are focused on helping homeless veterans and first responders. Plus, Hero Soap Co. sends free bars of soap to US Military men and women.

NO FRAGRANCES ADDED. Hero Soap Company chose to make all soaps with only high-quality essential oils. The majority of fragrances have lab-made synthetic properties that can irritate sensitive skin. This is why they do not offer cotton candy or bubble gum scented products, which are lab derived. If you are looking for premium, natural soap, give Hero Soap a try!