Faraday Small Generator Dry Bag - Forensic Waterproof Tower Bag

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Measures 11″ L x 15.5″W x 20″H when closed.

Designed for travel and storage of generators, computer towers and equipment, and will keep your gear dry and secure with its watertight seal and signal blocking design.

Three layers of CYBER NC(Nickel/Copper) line the interior, providing EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location blocking.

The Dry Generator Bag features MOLLE webbing on the front and back for attaching smaller gear. With multiple handles and tightening straps, the bag has a sleek design that is easy to carry.

Protect smaller generators, and any other items that fit in the Generator Dry Bag. We are taking shielding to the next level with a triple layer of 85 dB (400Mhz-4Ghz) CYBER fabric along with an outer layer of durable tarpaulin, saving your gear from Hacking, EMPs, and even water. Our secure clip and roll closure is easy to seal for quick access to your device.

BLOCK SIGNAL: Blocks Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Signals (incl. 5G networks), GPS and RFID. ANTI-TRACKING brought to you by Faraday Defense.

ENTERPRISE GRADE: Designed for military, police departments, forensic investigators, government and executive travel, personal data security, signal isolation, EMF reduction and EMP protection.

CYBER BLOCKING: Three layers of specialized metal-plated fabric containing nickel and copper shielding elements. Dissipates signals from both exterior and interior sources. Effectively blocks communication of signals to and from your device. 85 attenuation (400Mhz-4Ghz). Secure double roll and Velcro closure.