RFID credit card protecter sleeve

RFID Blocking 5-Pack Credit Card Protector Sleeve

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  • 275gsm coated paper with aluminum foil lining
  • RFID Blocking
  • Sold as a Pack of 5 individual protector sleeves
  • Each individual sleeve holds only one card
  • Improper use by overstuffing an individual card sleeve with 2 or more cards will result in destruction of card sleeve design
  • MODERN NECESSITY - Protect all personal data stored on your credit card’s magnetic stripe from techno-hackers who can steal your information using Radio Frequencies.
  • VICTIM NO MORE – Secure your information now and avoid cancelling credit cards, time wasted correcting identity theft, unauthorized bank charges, and credit issues.
  • SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT – RFID blocking sleeves are made of high grade, durable material that wraps your credit cards in protective foil making them invisible to electronic scanners.
  • CONVENIENT – Perfect for all Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, ATM, driver’s license, and government issued ID cards, Smart Cards and Hotel  Room Key Cards. Fits all wallets and purses.
  • LIFETIME 100% satisfaction guarantee with full replacement warranty even if lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Your Purchase Saves Rhinos

Proper Use - RFID blocking sleeves are designed to prevent unauthorized reading of the magnetic strip on your cards.  The date stored on the smart chip in your card and your passport is encrypted and does not need protection.  Currently most cards have both a magnetic stripe and smart chip, which leaves bank and gift cards vulnerable to electronic theft/electronic scanners.  Eventually, the magnetic stripe will go away. RFID blocking sleeves are not designed for entrance control cards.

Design Preference - A sticky point on most RFID sleeves is the material overlay or seam.  If the seam is inside the sleeve, the card can sometimes catch and won't go in all the way.  If the seam is on the outside, it will snag easily and the sleeve will come apart. For long lasting use and durability, Rhino Outlet chose to put the overlay inside the sleeve knowing that sometimes you may need to give your card an extra push to get it in all the way.