anti tracking faraday duffel bag

CORDURA® Wide Mouth Utility Faraday Duffel Bag - USA Made & Berry Compliant

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The CORDURA® Berry Compliant Utility Faraday Duffel Bag comes in multiple sizes and Rhino Outlet has sizes medium and large in stock. Berry Compliant means that all components are Made in the USA

85 dB attenuation (10 MHz-10 GHz), Anti-tracking & Anti-spying. Blocks Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Signals (incl. 5G networks), GPS and RFID.

ENTERPRISE GRADE: Designed for military, police departments, forensic investigators, government and executive travel, personal data security, signal isolation, EMF reduction and EMP protection.

CYBER BLOCKING: Triple Layer of specialized metal-plated fabric containing nickel and copper shielding elements. Dissipates signals from both exterior and interior sources. Effectively blocks communication of signals to and from your device.

Durable CORDURA® outer layer is abrasive, puncture and heat resistant, and constructed out of a durable 1000D Cordura Textured Nylon, and includes 10 exterior slip pockets.

CORDURA® Outer Layer Features: Fabric weave of 1000 x 1000 Denier textured Nylon; PLUS 3/4-1 oz/sq yd clear Polyurethane coating on fabric back; durable water-repellent finish on fabric; excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew; with a grab tensile strength of 528 x 472 pounds.

The widest mouth mini duffel on the market with a steel rod gate-mouth structure. The opening is as wide as the base of the bag, which allows easy access of items placed inside. Bag maintains its shape while open. A heavy duty YKK zipper closing keeps the transportation of electronics safe. Comfort Grip Velcro handle makes it easy to grab and go.

This bag features a removable/replaceable clip-in faraday interior pouch with 6 interior slip pockets (3 on each side). Pouch is lined with triple layers of high-quality blocking material and quality precision stitching

Conveniently sized to fit many types of devices, including key fobs, cell phones, external hard drives, tablets and standard laptops and other electronic gear.

Sizing/Dimensions for the Metal Faraday Insert inside Cordura Duffel Bag:

Keep in mind that this is before folding over, so take off about 5 inches from the height of the bag for closed size.

SMALL insert: 12.5" x 8.75" x 14" (W x D x H)

MEDIUM insert: 15" x 9" x 16" (W x D x H)

LARGE insert:  17.5" x 10.5 x 19" (W x D x H)


Berry Compliant means this product is made in the USA and made from USA-sourced materials. This is not only relevant for the Department of Defense but for the individual consumer as well. Selecting Berry Compliant products guarantees you are not just shopping “Made in USA” or local, but you are at the core supporting American raw goods, manufacturing and production.