Sport/Runner's Flashlight

Sport/Runner's Flashlight

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Terra Fire 300 R versatile sport or runner's flashlight is a great addition to your daily life. Keep one in your car, just in case it gets darker quicker than anticipated or in case you need a light. Combining this light with a headlamp will add depth to the terrain ahead of you when night running.

Color:  Tangerine Tango

Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)

Lighting:  Cree White LED.  300+ Lumens, 40 hours on low, 24 hours on medium, 9 hours on high.

Integrated 24-degree downward projection angle.

Grip-free. Designed to fit your hand comfortably while you run without having to grip the light, allows you to run with a relaxed hand.

120 db Alarm. Security/Safety Whistle to alert passersby, deter unwelcome attention, or scare off critters in the night. Audible from over 500 feet.

Water Resistant. Rain, snow, or sleet this flashlight will be there to light the way. IPX4 – Weather resistant