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Maxchange Office Chair Seat Cushion, 100% Pure Memory Foam

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  • RELIEVE BACKACHE & TAILBONE PAIN WHILE SITTING: An additional memory foam seat cushion on flat and hard chair, car seat or wheelchair will reduce pressure on your tailbone, promote your blood circulation and healthy posture to relieve pain.
  • ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: V shaped ergonomic design allows your tailbone to "float" rather than being compressed against the seating surface bearing the weight of your body. Maxchange seat cushion keeps its shape and NEVER GOES FLAT. It remains its density while enhancing your comfort.
  • ANTI SLIP BOTTOM AND WASHABLE MESH COVER: Perfect for Office Chair, Computer Desk Chair, Dining Room Seat, Couch, Recliner, Patio Seating,  Auto Seat, The mesh cover is MACHINE WASHABLE; you do not need to wash it by hand.
  • HEAT RESPONSIVE: Maxchange memory foam seat cushion responds to the heat of your body to mold perfectly to the shape of your buttocks. It will be harder in winter, but when you sit on it for some time, it will mold to the shape of your buttocks.  It is recommended to use it in a room above 60℉ to ensure softness of the cushion.
  • Rebuild  Your ButtocksThe 2 concave dunes of this office seat cushion perfectly conforms to the curve of the buttocks, effectively distributing your weight on the tailbone and hipbones evenly. Prevent your hips from becoming flat due to prolonged sitting.
  • Durable:  The high-quality slow rebounding memory foam keeps a medium and soft firmness; it will return to original position within 5 seconds of standing up, and not flatten out with prolonged use.