jacket cell phone faraday bag

Forensic Faraday Cell Phone Bag (4.5 in x 8″) (USA Trademarked)

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Keep your phone and electronic devices, (such as key fobs, credit cards, small hard drives and USB drives), safe and secure. Jacket brand is a registered USA Trademark.

This bag fits all major cell phone makes and models. Secure double roll and Velcro closure for easy access.

Measures 4.5 inches by 8 inches with outer layer of black nylon. Non-window bag.

Take shielding to the next level with triple layers of 85 dB attenuation (400Mhz-4Ghz), CYBER fabric, and an outer layer of durable nylon canvas, ensuring that you and your device are protected from the world around.

BLOCK SIGNAL: Blocks Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower Signals (incl. 5G networks), GPS for anti-tracking, and RFID.

ENTERPRISE GRADE: Designed for military, police departments, forensic investigators, government and executive travel, personal data security, signal isolation, EMF reduction and EMP protection.

CYBER BLOCKING: Triple Layer of specialized metal-plated fabric containing nickel and copper shielding elements. Dissipates signals from both exterior and interior sources. Effectively blocks communication of signals to and from your device. 85 attenuation (400Mhz-4Ghz).