motorcylce flame doo rag cooling water activated unisex

Cooling Doo Rag Skull Cap with Sun Protection

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Water Activated with Cooling Crystals, Hand Washable and Reusable, Unisex

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Our Doo Rag Skull Cap is designed for the trendier person or for those who may want a little added top-of-the-head sun protection. The cooling doo rag includes a two channel, flat sweatband design for optimum forehead cooling. Bikers and young folks love this product!

All cooling headwear contains our exclusive, high performance, non-toxic polymer cooling crystals made for us, to our specifications, for this exact application. Our cooling crystals evolve into a gel when immersed in water. Within minutes your  Doo Rag Skull Cap will completely dry to the touch, yet the active gel will remain hydrated and cool the wearer, due to evaporation, for several days before slowly returning to its original crystal state. No refrigeration is necessary and all of our high-quality products are reusable and hand-washable time and again.

Most of our items are made in the USA; however, some of our products are made elsewhere to provide you with the best pricing available. We use the finest fabrics available and 5-minute high performance, reusable crystals for optimum performance.

**Please note: high humidity can affect the cooling effects of evaporative cooling products.