speed I-95 car dash camera

Car Dash Camera Full HD

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Video Driving Camera - DC-V1-I95

Car Dash Cam Full HD

SPEED I-95 provides all the necessary features to secure your road trip. Once plugged in the car charger, easy operation and quick start will let you drive confidently.

This dashboard camera uses car's external power for regular driving mode and operates on a built-in battery for parking monitor mode only.

Supports a Class 10, 32GB micro SD card (not included). Please format it on the camera before use.

Extra accessories in the box: Anti-Sleep Alarm buzzes to spark driver's focus when detecting him/her nodding the head

Dashcam has the best 1296P Full HD resolution with 170° wide angle view lens which provides "Smart Picture" video quality with a wider field of vision reducing blind spots and recording every driving process of your vehicle.

1296P Full HD

1296P Full HD resolution provides you with the best visual experience. HD Resolution with Super Night Vision captures full HD image 1296P 30 frames per second. It features a video resolution of 2304 x 1296 as well as 1080P capabilities for clear footage.

170° Wide Angle

Six layers of glass in the wide angle lens gives you 170-degrees of viewing,  taking in more of the scenery before you. This means you will capture more details from the scene, such as vehicles driving by in cross-traffic.


Automatically tracks and records every journey so you can conveniently review and track your trip. GPS integration can accurately track where an incident occurred. GPS also collects crucial information such as your speed and location, which are especially useful when you need to use your footage for an insurance claim.

Wi-Fi Car Camera

Footage can be viewed directly on the smartphone of your choice (Android or iPhone) or tablet. Wi-Fi feature allows you to playback the footage immediately to show the police or email the video file to your insurance agent.

WDR & HDR Technology

WDR Technology has advanced sensors that produce a wider range of lighting, allowing the dash camera to automatically brighten dark areas and darken light areas. HDR Technique heightens a picture’s dynamic range - the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.

Extreme Working Temperature Ability

SPEED I-95 dash camera is well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your new device on the windshield. If you live in extreme temperature climates this is your best bet.

24 Hours Loop Recording

Video files are stored on a memory card, with the newest video continuously replacing the oldest video (called loop recording). After installation, the dash camera requires no user input or intervention - it turns on when the ignition is on, and stops when the vehicle is shut off.

G-Sensor & Emergency Lock

G-Sensor detects collisions and automatically activates Emergency Lock which will store, lock, and protect an entire incident, providing evidence for insurance claim and traffic dispute.

Motion Detection Function

Parking Mode keeps the SPEED I-95 dash cam in a state of hibernation while the vehicle is parked, and will start recording when motion is detected in front of the lens or a shock is detected.