Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves by (Pair) – Joint Protection and Support for Running, Sports, Knee Pain Relief – Knee Brace for Men and Women – Innovative Breathable Elastic Blend – Anti Slip

Knee Compression Sleeves (Pair) – Anti Slip

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Available in Desert Beige Size Large 10.5 inches to 13 inches. Provides light to medium support.

To Measure for Fit - 1. Stand upright and straighten your legs. 2. Measure Circumference just below your kneecap. Please use a flexible tape measure. If in between sizes - please start with a larger size.

Boosts Your Performance - Less pain, better circulation and healthier legs mean better options and outcomes in everything you do. Here’s an effective performance boost you can feel, thighs to calves, for all your activities.

Fits Under Clothing - This isn’t your typical bulky knee brace. You can wear our sleeves under your work slacks, sweatpants, or jeans since they fit snugly on your knees.

Versatile Use - Feel free to leave Sparthos sleeves on all day long. They are meant to be utilized at work, home, and the gym to make your days that much better.

Strong and Seamless - There’s nothing worse than a brace that digs into your skin all day long. Thus, our compression sleeves apply enough pressure that your knees feel comfortable and stable but not so much tightness that you need to take them off after an hour of use.

Anti Slip System - Thanks to a thick silicone strip all you need to do is put your sleeves on and they stay in place. No rolling, slipping, falling, or constant readjusting.

Breathable Yarn - Unlike neoprene sleeves, we constructed these sleeves with breathable yarn so your sweat doesn’t sit around on your skin and cause any rashes or irritation.